How To Get Ride Of Flat Moles?

How To Get Ride Of Flat Moles?

Oct 20
How To Get Ride Of Flat Moles?

A mole, technically known as a melanocytic nevus, is a small, dark spot on human skin. Around 10-40 moles can be found on a person’s body. They are not dangerous but, some time may take the form of cancer. Traditional methods for removing moles include freezing them or cutting them off for flat moles. These treatments are not really feasible since flat moles do not protrude from the skin. Here, are some tips that how can you get ride of flat moles.

1. In Electro surgery method, the surgeon will shave off the mole with a scalpel and then destroy the melanin forming tissue with an electric needle. This procedure also includes some scarring.

2. Use medicated creams and acids to get rid of the mole and destroy the tissue. This procedure takes up to six weeks to be effective.

3. Grind some coriander to make a fine. Apply this on the moles. This will help in moles removal ‘in a few days’. This is very simple and effective home remedy for moles.

4. Mix ground flaxseed with flaxseed oil and a small quantity of raw honey. Apply it on the moles and change it every day.

5. Applying fresh cut pineapple on the affected area several times in a day will lighten the moles in 2-3 days.

6. Massage the area with castor oil twice a day, it will make the area soft and decrease itching. This is one of the good remedy.

7. Take a root of the dandelion and then rub on the affected areas, till the milky juice of the root smears the wart completely. Repeat this thrice in a day.

8. Take a pinch of baking soda and mix it with a some drops of castor oil. Apply this paste on moles and leave it overnight. Repeat this continuously for a few days.

9. Soak the area in warm water for 15-20 minutes and the part it dry. Apply cider vinegar with cotton balls and leave for some time, till it gets dry. Then again wash it with water and dry the area.

10. Apply a drop of grapefruit seed extract to the moles gently and cover them with a band-aid 2-3 times every day. Your moles will disappear in 3-4 weeks. This is also one of the good remedies for moles.

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